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Endometriosis and Chinese Medicine

Endometriosis occurs as an inflammatory reaction to endometrial cells which end up outside the uterus. It is believed that most women have endometrial cells outside the uterine cavity, yet it is the response to those cells which can prevent pregnancy. When the body perceives endometrial cells as harmful, (inducing pain and inflammation every month,) the immune system sends out cells to 'clean up' the offending tissue. As a result, the body learns that endometrial cells are harmful, and can mount an immune response to keep the body safe from invasion. In addition to the resulting pain and adhesions, the immune system often won't allow any foreign tissue (including embryos) to implant into the endometrium until the reaction is calmed down.

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine addresses the underlying cause of endometriosis, allowing the uterine lining to be properly released, and the body's reaction to calm down. It isn't until the endometriosis reaction is calmed down that the body will accept a pregnancy, no matter how it is attempted - naturally, with hormonal intervention, or with IVF. Implantation will not occur until
the woman's body allows it.

We recommend natural infertility treatment for endometriosis via Traditional Chinese Medicine along with a mind/body program in order to develop life skills which minimize the effects of stress, grief and anxiety associated with infertility and their continued effects against reproductive health.


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