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High FSH and Chinese Medicine

What is High FSH? High FSH can be defined as a day 3 FSH value of over 10 mg/dl.

What are the causes of High FSH? The underlying causes of High FSH may include extreme stress, energetic blockages, or lack of ovarian response to pituitary production of FSH.

What are the symptoms of High FSH? Typically, symptoms of High FSH may include those of low estrogen (hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness), but sometimes may also be associated with too much estrogen, in which case the liver must be cleared. Restoring communication between the pituitary gland and the ovaries is essential for good quality egg production and the lowering of High FSH.

Treatment for High FSH: Did you know that your eggs have been in a state of rest since before you were born? Until the follicle (which houses the egg) are pulled out of the resting phase within the ovary and cycle into communication with your own blood flow, oxygenation, nutritional and hormonal (including stress hormones) status, they are in the same state as they were when you were born. Protein synthesis occurs during the follicle's GROWTH phase, which begins about 90 days before the egg is ovulated. This is where potential breakdown (and poor egg quality/High FSH issues) occurs. High FSH is often the reason women are told they have no other option other than to use donor eggs and we have helped many women avoid having to do that as their FSH numbers fall (we’ve also had women conceive and deliver in spite of a “High” FSH number). To us, High FSH is simply that – a number. We are concerned with the underlying deficiencies/imbalances that can be addressed with traditional Chinese medicine (acupuncture and herbs, lifestyle and diet) along with the rest of our mind/body wellness program. Once these issues are corrected, High FSH is typically corrected as well.

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine doesn't believe in underlying poor egg quality/High FSH, except as a result of poor reproductive health. This is why women who have previously been told they are too old, poor responders, advanced maternal age, etc., can become pregnant after their bodies achieve a state of balance, in spite of their being told that they have no options due to High FSH. As we age, our bodies pay less attention to the reproductive system. Our program encourages your body to normalize the hormones, and increase blood flow to the ovaries and uterus, while we reduce the effects of stress on your system therefore increasing egg quality in spite of a diagnosis of infertility because of High FSH.


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