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How to find a good acupuncturist to help you with infertility?

Not all acupuncturists are the same. If they treat mostly pain or practice 5-element style acupuncture, they may know very little about infertility. In China, infertility treatment is a separate specialty in the acupuncture practice.

The acupuncturists on our team have a wide variety of experience. We are all currently certified by the NCCAOM. We have acupuncturists that have combined experiences in native Chinese and have been fully trained in China, OMD ( Oriental Medicine Doctor ), FABORM, intense one-on-one training with Dr. Lewis, Masters Degree of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in the U.S. and some have even been trained in China in the specialty of infertility. We offer two locations and have weekend and after hour appointments for your convenience. We use herb nutrition, and acupuncture in order to help you help yourself. Whether your considering IVF, IUI, or a strictly natural approach we want to offer you a free initial office visit with a practitioner for two hours to go though the health history, evaluation diagnosis (Chinese) and treatment to see if you are comfortable with our group and Chinese

medicine. We want your fertility journey to be one of the most relaxing experiences of your life, not stressful.

A few questions you can ask an acupuncturist:

  • Are you FABORM certified?
  • Are you on any fertility phsycian's referral list?
  • Have you been to her seminars or any of her other training programs?
  • How many infertility patients do you treat per week/month?
  • Have you been trained in China?
  • Do you know how to read a BBT chart?
  • Do you treat me differently before or after my ovulation?
  • Will you recommend any diet or lifestyle changes for me?
  • What is POF or PCOS? And what is the difference?
  • Are you current NCCAOM certified?
  • Do you accept my insurance?
  • Do you offer a free initial consultation and treatment to see if acupuncture is right for my spouse or me?
  • Do you work with menís issues as well as female issues?
  • How many days a week is your clinic open and what are the hours?

If you get mostly yes answers, you have a good basis. In addition to these fundamentals, your practitioner should be convenient to your home or work so that you can see them easily. You should also consider working with a team of acupuncturists because once you start your journey to fertility is important that you can get treatments when you need them regardless of weekendís holidays or vacations.

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