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Patterns of Kidney Imbalance

The emotions pertaining to the Kidneys are fear, fright, and shock (adrenal hormones.) Excessive rumination in any of these emotional states can injure the Kidneys. Extremes of these emotions can also cause severe hormonal fluctuations in any endocrine organ, upsetting our reproductive capacity. Fear causes struggle between Yin and Yang, loss of essence, and cuts of the relationship between the Heart and the Kidney. We reestablish good balance between Yin and Yang through reflective thought.

Since the Kidneys are the root of all other organs, all chronic diseases will inevitably reach the Kidneys. As well, prolonged Kidney weakness may affect any or all other organs.

Most hereditary debility is due to weakness in the Kidney system - poor bone development, mental retardation, etc.


Excessive sexual activity , too much partying, overproduction of ejaculate via intercourse or masturbation, excessive orgasm, or hormonal stimulation all may weaken the Kidney-Essence. Multiple pregnancies, miscarriages, and childbirth deplete the kidney Essence in women.

In old age , the Kidney essence declines, and therefore the proper functioning of hearing, skeletal strength, and sexual function decline with age. Again, Qi Gong can delay these functional deficits.

The most common cause of Kidney deficiency is overwork, physical and mental.

Work stress, mental anxiety, lack of relaxation, lack of sleep, long work hours, hurried, irregular eating schedules, or any excessive cerebral activity without physical release draws upon the essence of the Kidney. We use stimulants to power our brains even more. When we lack sufficient excitement, we often use anti-depressants to rev us up again. They all simply borrow Essence from the Kidneys to stimulate the mind. Through Qi Gong exercises, we can calm the mental activity and bring the focal point down to our center, rather than the cranium.

Kidney patterns of imbalance are primarily characterized by deficiency:

Not enough basic substance; we've depleted our center, misplaced our core, we feel uprooted.

Physically, these patterns of imbalance can be identified by their manifestations, but are seen as a continuum, as they really cannot be fully separated.


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