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Spleen, Digestion & Immunological Systems

The Spleen is a very important organ classification involved in the hormonal cycle. The Western concept of the spleen encompasses its role in the production and destruction of blood and immune cells. In TCM, however, the Spleen system (which includes the pancreas) governs most energetic processes in the body. Since the Spleen takes nutrients and Qi and uses them to produce the Blood, it must be functioning optimally for a healthy menstrual cycle. The Spleen is responsible not only for overall energy production but also for certain types of hormones such as thyroid hormone, aspects of progesterone production, as well as aspects of the circulatory and immunologic systems. Spleen system pathology is often held liable in thyroid abnormalities, autoimmune processes, allergies, digestive disturbances, and bleeding disorders. Menstrual difficulties can also be caused by Spleen imbalance.

The Spleen is in charge of transforming the food we eat into Qi, Blood, and other forms of usable

energy, and transporting nutrients to all the other organs. Spleen energy manifests in the gastrointestinal system and also is markedly affected by what we eat. Excessive sugar and refined carbohydrates damage the Spleen, and damp, greasy foods clog up its works. When our Spleen system is strong, we have a lot of physical energy; when it's weak, we feel tired and depleted as well.

Because the Spleen is linked with digestion and elimination, the Spleen system is implicated when menstruation is accompanied by loose stools. The Spleen has a causative effect in many presentations of luteal phase defect where spotting precedes menstruation as well.

The emotion that is associated with the Spleen system is worry. Excessive use of the mind in thinking, studying, concentrating and memorizing over a long period of time tends to weaken the Spleen. This also includes excessive pensiveness and constant "brooding". The Chinese believe "over-thinking" or "ruminating" can inhibit the optimal functioning of the energetic processes of the Spleen. This explains why excessive worry causes digestive disturbances like stomach ulcers and irritable bowel syndrome-we have so much information that clogs up our minds yet all too often we think far more than we act, producing obstruction or a backup of energy. The inability to make decisions then causes disharmony between the Spleen (thinking), the Heart (spirit) and the Kidneys (will). Exercise is beneficial to the proper functioning of the Spleen energies.






















nurturing (of others)


  • centered

  • stable

  • grounded

  • abundant

  • density and mass that sustain momentum

  • axis, point of reference, center of gravity

  • ripe

  • unifying


  • pleases other people, loses self in process

  • difficulty saying no

  • resists change

  • clings to security and stability

  • prone to unrealistic expectations and extreme disappointment

  • vulnerable to becoming overburdened and overweight

  • sluggish digestion

  • dichotomy of feeling empty in a replete environment

  • worries to the point of obsession

  • prone to sweet tooth, craves starch and sugar

  • lacks energy

  • history of weight gain and loss, feast and famine

  • loss of boundaries

  • loss of self

  • depleted

  • becomes a martyr

  • poor digestion

  • collects dampness and swelling, especially in the lower body

  • prone to edema

  • stagnated energy, blocked circulation

  • allergies are common

We deplete our spleen energies by taking care of the external world at the expense of our own internal environment. We forget our boundaries; we live for others; and we become our own worst enemies. Our own innate protective system, our internal immune system, turns against ourselves. Even our cells forget who is friend and who is foe. Our immune system can turn against our own reproductive tissue, making us react negatively to our own hormones in some cases, killing implanting embryos in others.

STRATEGIES FOR RESOLUTION - toward mobilization

  • take care of self to develop self-confidence

  • look for inner guidance

  • develop a routine of regular nourishment and activity

  • avoid heavy, greasy foods, sugars, starches, fats, dairy, pasta, wheat, pastries, bananas, milk, cheeses, butter, ice cream, and rich sauces

  • avoid refrigerated or iced foods

  • exercise combining movement and muscular effort

  • make concerted effort to take care of self each day

  • change environment

  • rearrange furniture

  • develop an independent activity or hobby

  • learn to say no without a reason or excuse

  • adopt self-expression affirmations: "I feel.", "I feel like.", "I like my."

Diet Recommendations

Spleen Qi tonics improve quality /quantity of available energy in the body.

Beef, cherries, chicken, coconut, date, eel, fig, flax seed, ginseng, goose, grape, ham, Herring, job’s tears barley (coix), lentil, licorice, mackerel, microalgae, molasses, oats, octopus, potato, pumpkin, pumpkin seeds, rabbit, rice, royal jelly, sweet potato, shitake mushroom, squash, sturgeon, tofu, yam.

Avoid cold foods, dairy products, refined carbohydrates, sugar, sweeteners.


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