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MCCRM out of state patient, second round of IVF

Dear Dr. Lin -

Iíll bet this comes as a surprise-one year later, after treatment by you prior to our CCRM cycle with Dr Schoolcraft! We enjoyed meeting you and thank you for your gentle and relaxing treatments, which ultimately helped us with our cycle. Eight months later we had our beautiful Lyla and Cole, who are just so healthy and miracles indeed!

There arenít enough words to say thank you for helping us at such a critical and emotional time of our journey. We appreciated your good humor, restaurant suggestions (being out-of-towners) and working with us to achieve our pregnancy.

We have much to be thankful about-so thank you again.

Warmest regards-

AL, New Jersey


I would and do highly recommend Dr. Lin to anyone who is struggling to get pregnant!!

I would like to take this opportunity to briefly tell my story and to highly recommend Dr. Wenying Lin, Paul Murray andWhole Health Center to anyone seeking treatment for fertility issues in hopes they will be encouraged to strongly consideracupuncture and an herbal supplement treatement program. I am absolutely thrilled to say that after 6 years of unsuccessfulattempts to conceive, I became pregnant fairly quickly after my husband and I began acupuncture treatments and herbalsupplements with Dr. Lin and Paul Murray.

For as long as I can remember, my childhood dream was to meet my prince charming, have lots and lots of babies and livehappily ever after. Well, I finally met my prince charming named Mark when I was 35 years old. It truly was love at firstsight and we were married with-in 6 months of meeting and began our journey of starting a family. My life seemed perfectnow with the man of my dreams, both of us head over heals in love, ready to raise a family together! To my dispair, monthafter month, turned into year after year of negative pregnancy tests. To add to these difficult times, I had gained a lot ofweight, depression crept in and my heart broke a little more with each passing day. At 40 years old, after hearing all thestatistics of how difficult it is to get pregnant after 35, and with all my extra weight that I was carrying around my dreamof becoming a mommy seemed to be drifting further and further away.

I heard something about Acupuncture for Infertility?!? It sounded very interesting...but I was still very skeptical! Over theyears I was told by many western doctors that my chances of becomming pregnant was extremely low to none, even withexpensive, harsh infertility treatments and medicines. I was even told by one doctor that if I did happen to get pregnantthat I would likely miscarry. At that point I thought what was there to lose, so I prayed about it for several weeks. Then,I had a dream of this beautiful Asian woman who I knew would be the one to help me fulfill my dream of having a childof my own. Instantly I felt this overwhelming peace come about me. I talked to my husband about acupuncture and to mysurprise he thought we should look into it. So I got on-line and found Dr. Lin! We went in for a consultation and instantlyknew Dr. Lin and this treatment of acupuncture was what was finally going to be what we needed to help us have a baby!I began acupuncture treatments with Dr. Lin twice a week. With-in 2 months of treatments, herbal supplements, exerciseand PHatea I became pregnant. Unfortunately, I did miscarry, but I still had hope! I took the next 8 months off of all treatmentsto heal my very broken heart and body of my miscarriage. Once we were ready to start trying again, I began treatmentswith Dr. Lin and my husband Mark began a specialized diet, herbal supplement and acupuncture treatment program withPaul Murray, Dr. Linís husband. We both went for 6 months and became pregnant again!!! I believe with Dr. Lin, PaulMurray and the excellent staff at Whole Health we were able to achieve a healthy pregnancy and carry our baby to fullterm! We were blessed with the most beautiful, healthy baby girl on August 6th, 2011 named Elliana Faith.

I know Dr. Lin and Paul were such an intricate part of our conception and my healthy pregnancy and I will be foreverindebted to them! Dr. Lin was so generous with her time, treatments, consultations and encouragement! She helped mereally understand how to target my ovulation cycle, (something I was off on because I ovulate late in my cycle...this isvery important to know I found out). I would and do highly recommend Dr. Lin to anyone who is struggling to getpregnant!! She has blessed me beyond my wildest dreams!! Thank you Dr. Lin from the bottom of my heart! I love youso much!! Thank you as well Paul for treating Mark, we are so truly grateful and so so blessed!!

Thank you again for everything Dr. Lin and Paul!

Many blessings!
M., T. & E. G.

My Fertility Journey with Dr. Lin

At 41 I had just miscarried and dropped into the darkest and dampest corners of my life. So much that I read told me that as a woman of ďadvanced maternal ageĒ miscarriage was likely and that I may never conceive a healthy child at my age. I became quite aware of the whispers and unspoken glances that said, ďOh honey, donít you know how old you are? You canít have a baby anymore.Ē

I ignored the insight of others as my intuition clarified that I too would one day change my kidís diapers and wipe food off the wall. Many of my friends went through fertility treatments and I was aware that statistically acupuncture increases the rate of implantation. I determined that fertility treatments werenít for me, but acupuncture couldnít hurt me so there was nothing to lose. I found Dr. Lin through my 46 year old friend who had just delivered a rosy-cheeked baby girl.

When I met Dr. Lin I was shattered from the physical and emotional trials of a miscarriage. I knew that miscarriage happened in almost 50% of pregnancies, but I was running out of time and each month reminded me in neon that I was older. Flashbacks of a 12.5 FSH score and a dubious doctor made me wonder if I was in denial about conception. Dr. Lin told me that at my age I needed to be in this game 100%; trying to get pregnant at 41 was like running a marathon. I had to be mindful of my eating, sleeping, drinking, stress levels and caffeine intake. She was clear that I should not rely on acupuncture alone to get pregnant. I needed to make myself as healthy as possible and treat my body as a sacred place to grow my baby. So I gifted my chocolate and wine to my skinny friends and chased my fresh fruit smoothies down with shots of anti-oxidant rich acai. I found a dusty candle purchased for meditation and lit it. I sat still for once and meditated using the breathing and visualization techniques that Dr. Lin taught me. The meditation grounded me and helped me stay focused on being as good to my body as possible.

Creating a fertile environment though fertility drugs or acupuncture alone did not seem possible at my age. The best things in life donít have shortcuts. So I embraced a colorful palate of fruits and vegetables and committed to eating on the plan that she outlined. I also modified my exercise routine as Dr. Lin recommended.

Initially my cycles and temperatures were sporadic post-miscarriage. Every week I saw Dr. Lin and I had no idea if it was really helping. However, my hormones were a mess, so I welcomed some time to zone out on the table. Reluctantly I took the Chinese herbs that she recommended. Within a month I began to notice changes in my temperatures and cycle. Still, I wasnít ďnormalĒ and doubt set in. Dr. Lin insisted that I come back for more treatments. By the third month I finally felt more like myself.

I expected that my body needed a few months to heal from the miscarriage, but on the third month I missed my period. After three home pregnancy tests I finally believed that I was pregnant again. I now have a beautiful one year old son and I am so thankful that Dr. Lin helped me prepare my body for this miracle.

There is never a guaranty of what will happen when you are trying to conceive. For me, the best thing was to try everything possible and live without regretting what I could have done. If you are trying to conceive, I wish you a wonderful journey and embrace treating your body like the temple it is.

C. V.
Littleton, CO

I can never thank Dr. Lin enough for all that she did.

My husband and I were 33 when we started trying to build our family. Since we were relatively young and healthy I never imagined that we would have problems conceiving. However, after about 8 months of trying on our own without success, we visited the reproductive medicine group at our local university hospital. The first round of tests they ordered showed no problems so they prescribed clomid. No go, and it thinned my uterine lining terribly (~3.5mm), so we moved to letrozole for a few months. That didnít work either and I still had thin lining (~4.2mm). So we added in some injectibles to see if that would counter the thin lining. My follicles were responding wonderfully to the medications, but my lining was still thin (still around 4.5mm), so there was nowhere ideal for a fertilized egg to implant. Finally, I had a hysterosalpingogram (HSG) done to get a better look at my tubes and uterus.

Aha! The HSG showed that I had scar tissue in my uterus. I was diagnosed with Ashermanís Syndrome (AS) and had a hysteroscopy to remove the scar tissue. It was a mystery how I got AS, since it is usually a result of a previous pregnancy and an incomplete delivery of the placenta. Nonetheless, the doctors hoped that with the removal of the scar tissue my lining would be able to grow. My lining, however, remained persistently thin, even when on injectibles. It was around this time (Spring, 2010) that I found Dr. Lin and began acupuncture. I had done some research online that showed acupuncture could improve the lining so I gave it a try. Amazingly, I got pregnant that first cycle I had acupuncture. Unfortunately, it was ectopic and had to be terminated with methotrexate.

IVF was the next step, but our insurance didnít cover it so we found a free clinical trial being conducted in New York. We were so desperate, we went for it. We were assigned to the minimal stimulation arm and wound up with one frozen 5-day blastocyst that would be implanted via a FET. The planned FET, however kept getting delayed or cancelled because my lining remained persistently thin, even with the addition of supplemental estrogen. Since we only had one embryo, everything had to be perfect for it to be transferred. I stopped traditional (Western) treatments during this time, but continued acupuncture while I researched my options and consulted with other REs. I had found that acupuncture helped to calm me and appeared to regulate my cycles- I had been charting my BBTs for some time and prior to acupuncture, they were up and down, all over the place. Since acupuncture, I noticed a definite bi-phasic appearance to them. If nothing else, regular cycles would give me hope that my body was doing something right. Plus, Dr. Lin was always so positive it was a nice change of pace for me.

My final appointment in November 2010 with my regular RE was not positive- he felt he had done all that he could and suggested we seek a surrogate. We then consulted with CCRM in December of 2010 who told us they may be able to help, with an intensive regimen and a cost of tens of thousands of dollars. We kept that in mind and decided we would make a decision after the new year when things settled down. Well, 2011 arrived and things didnít quite settle down. My BBTs remained high and I decided to take a pregnancy test. To our utter amazement, it was positive! And my early blood work indicated it was not ectopic!

Finally, after nearly three long years, we welcomed our son, Vincent, on September 7th, 2011. He is a miracle, helped along by acupuncture, and is truly the light of our lives. I can never thank Dr. Lin enough for all that she did.

-G. D.

Testimonial from M. M.

I have been a patient of Dr. Lin at East West Health Centers off and on for ten years. During that time she has used her great abilities with Chinese medicine to heal me from sciatica, balance my hypothyroidism, and boosted my immune system so that I seldom get colds. I have been to several acupuncturists and they absolutely do not compare with the education and instinct that Dr. Lin brings to the field of Chinese medicine. At the age of 38, after deciding to freeze my eggs for future use, I immediately began working with Dr. Lin to ensure that my eggs would not only be healthy and mature but also plentiful when I went to have the procedure.

At the time that I approached Dr. Lin to receive the fertility based treatments; I had horribly painful PMS that began to torment me on the 22 day of the month and did not stop until I started ten to twelve days later. Six months before having my eggs removed and frozen, Dr. Lin and I began my program. I got a basal thermometer, per Dr. Linís instructions, and began taking my temperature everyday first thing and charting it. Dr. Lin then looked at the chart and was able to see the patterns of my cycle and what needed to be changed in order to improve my reproductive health. She had me monitor my ovulation using pee sticks and when I did ovulate she guided me as to when to start using natural progesterone cream and when to stop using it. Dr. Lin also prescribed Chinese herbs to use at particular times during my cycle to ensure the consistency of it from day one to day 28. Dr. Lin treated me with acupuncture two times a month. The first 1-3 days of my cycle and right after ovulation. Consistency was extremely important in making certain that my eggs where receiving the proper hormones at the proper times for the longest follicle growth. In addition, Dr. Lin lent me a book called The Infertility Cure by Randine Lewis, Ph.D. that was a wealth of information concerning nutrition and other holistic treatments people can use to increase fertility. It is a great book and I now own my own copy.

When the time came for me to start injecting hormones to begin the retrieval process, Dr. Lin worked in conjunction with my retrieval doctorís treatment plan to best incorporate acupuncture. Having both Eastern and Western medicine working together with me on something so important, made me feel incredibly supported and hopeful. As a result, I had the best outcome possible.

After the retrieval, the surgeon informed me that I had 35 eggs and they had successfully retrieved 32 fully mature eggs. This is generally unheard of, for most women my age they aim for 5-10 viable eggs.

I know that without Dr. Linís work, my numbers would not have been so successful. Her in depth knowledge of how the human bodyís systems connect and function with each other, her techniques and mastery of where and how to put the acupuncture needles painlessly into her patients, her impeccable use of Chinese herbs, and her understanding that nutrition factors into any good holistic plan, have brought to me so much vitality, wellness, and hope that I know in a few years when it is finally time to get pregnant, she will be the first doctor I call to get the process started.

My husband and I want to thank Dr. Lin, Bruce and Michael for all their time and encouragement.  We believe that without their treatments and support this would never have happened.

Dr. Lin, Bruce and Michael:

In July of 2003, my husband and I made the decision to try to have our second child. Since there was no problems conceiving our first child, we did not believe there would be any problems conceiving a second time. Since I had not received a cycle since the birth of our son a year before, we scheduled an appointment with my Ob/GYN. She proceeded to run several blood tests, which all came back normal. I was prescribed four cycles of Clomid, after which time my Ob/GYN referred me to a reproductive endocrinologist. In March of 2004, I was diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Failure (POF). With this diagnosis came a less than 10% chance of conceiving on my own. The only other option provided at the time was In Vitro Fertilization with donor eggs. Since both my husband and I were uncertain about the use of donor eggs, I began to research if there were any other options to conceiving my own child. The only other option that kept reoccurring and made sense was Acupuncture.

In late August of 2004, I met with the staff of East-West Health Center and began to receive Acupuncture treatments for infertility. Dr. Lin suggested I receive two treatments a week for the first four weeks and then one treatment a week for the next 12 weeks. In addition, they suggested some dietary changes and prescribed some herbs for me to take on a daily basis. By October it appeared that I had ovulated for the first time since the birth of my son in July of 2003, however, I never received my period, only spotting. The same thing happened again in November. In December it finally appeared that things might be on track for a full, regular cycle, however, I never received my period or any spotting.

I was scheduled to see Dr. Lin in early January of 2005 for one of my appointments. Prior to my appointment I took a home pregnancy test. The test came back positive. While extremely excited, I hesitantly scheduled an appointment with my Ob/GYN. My Ob/GYN confirmed the pregnancy with a blood test and ultra sound. Both my husband and I were excited and shocked that we had conceived on our own.

My husband and I want to thank Dr. Lin, Bruce and Michael for all their time and encouragement. We believe that without their treatments and support this would never have happened.

You have given my family one of the greatest gifts Ė the gift of life.

May 2008 - A Story with a Happy Ending!

My husband and I got married in 2002, since we were both a little older we decided to try to get pregnant right away, after a year of trying to get pregnant (unsuccessfully), my husband and I decided to try fertility treatments. We unsuccessfully did about 8-9 months of various treatments when we decided to do IVF. My doctor suggested we try acupuncture in conjunction with the treatments; she mentioned that it has been statistically proven to have produced better results. I was quite surprised to hear a Western medical doctor say that and having come from a traditionally scientific family it was a little difficult to take in but we were willing to try anything. My doctor gave us a card for Dr. Lin. I called and made my first appointment. I was a little uncomfortable, unsure and interested. It wasn't the most pleasant experience the first time and I had to force myself to relax but each time it got better and ultimately became something that I looked forward to and a way for me to relax and be calm.

I went fairly often for 6 weeks working with Dr. Lin and my cycle to figure out the optimal times to do treatment. On the day of the transfer of three embryos (which happened to be a Saturday), Dr. Lin met me at the doctor's office and performed a treatment. Six weeks later we had a positive pregnancy test and 8 months later I gave birth to the most beautiful, healthy baby boy!

About a year later, my husband and I were ready to try to have a second baby. We were not certain how it would go the second time around but we decided to try only acupuncture for 6 months and then visit the fertility doctor (I already made my initial appointment with the fertility clinic). About 4 months later, I was feeling a little different and truthfully I had not really followed my cycle very well for that month. We had a death in the family at that time so it wasn't really something I was keeping track of (only that Month). I had been visiting Dr. Lin for about 10 weeks, I think, and pretty much doing what she had told me as far as diet. I decided to take a pregnancy test and was completely surprised to get a positive result. I didn't actually believe it and when I visited my OB I was fully expecting to hear that I was not pregnant and started crying when the nurse practitioner told me I was pregnant! Now I have two beautiful boys! I fully attribute this to acupuncture! It feels good and it works!




I went to Dr. Lin faithfully during that time.  On my 3rd time, I produced 35 eggs, which at the age of 40, the doctor was very impressed.

My husband and I had been married for about two years and tried to get pregnant in speaking to my OB/GYN, she suggested that we meet with an Infertility doctor. After speaking with the doctor, my husband and I decided to get a second opinion, since there was a lot of money involved. I went to a doctor many people referred me to and both my husband and me were very impressed. My husband and I did a few AIís and those did not work. We came up with the money, borrowing from my 401K, putting some on credit card and did IVF. I was 36 at the time and produced eleven eggs. I had three fresh embryos transferred and was able to freeze two. I got pregnant, but had a tubal two days before my 6 week check up. The percentage of that happening is less than 3 percent, since we did IVF. I had to have one of my tubes removed. I picked myself up and a few months later, tried the frozen ones. The percentage is less than 25% when using frozen embryos. Those did not take. I met with the doctor and he reviewed my chart and had no reason why I shouldnít do another IVF cycle, since everything looked good. I used my cafeteria plan at work for the next time and we became more in debt. This time I produced 22 eggs and had 10 embryos. I had 3 fresh embryos transferred and froze 4. On this second try, nothing happened with the fresh embryos. A few months later, I transferred the frozen embryos and those did not work either. After my frozen cycle, my grandma had passed away and it was very hard for me.

Well by this time, I was very discouraged. A lot of people had talked about acupuncture. So in December of 2004, I started acupuncture. Dr. Lin and Bruce met with me on my initial consultation and explained the whole process of what acupuncture is. I stared going 2 times a week for approximately 3 months. My doctor looked again at my chart and everything still looked good to him, so I tried IVF for a third time. I had heard that your chances go up a lot with acupuncture. In May of 2005, I tried IVF for my 3rd time. I went to Dr. Lin faithfully during that time. On my 3rd time, I produced 35 eggs, which at the age of 40, the doctor was very impressed. I contribute a lot of that production, if not all, acupuncture. I also had Michael come to the doctorís office to do a treatment before and after my transfer.

During this whole time going to acupuncture, there were a lot of other great benefits I received doing acupuncture. I have bad allergies and I could tell that they were getting better; I saw that my monthly periods were getting much better, and I had a change in my mood, for the positive. It did not take for a third time and I had 2 sets of 4 embryos that were frozen. I did the first set and still did acupuncture. Those did not take.

By now, I was emotionally and physically drained. I still did acupuncture once a month because I loved all the other benefits it provided. I went and got 2 other opinions from the top Infertility doctors in the state and both doctors said there was nothing wrong, but they would do a few blood tests to rule everything out. After fighting with the insurance company for 4 months to make sure they were going to pay for the blood test, since that was going to cost about $4,000, if they didnít pay. I found out they were going to pay and all those tests showed nothing wrong.

Well in February, I got enough courage to do my last 4 embroys. I started taking medication I needed to take and shortly after that, I got a sinus infection and was put on antibiotics and did not want to have those meds in my body, so I stopped the procedure and started on my next period. I started my meds again, went in for all my tests, and started back 2 times a week for acupuncture. The day of my transfer, it was rescheduled from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. At that point, I was able to do acupuncture both before and after my transfer. I couldnít afford for Dr. Lin to come to my doctors office, so I opted to go before my transfer and then right after to her office. I had to wait for a week and a half. It was the longest time and I knew for sure I wasnít pregnant. I went in for my pregnancy test and was very emotional because I knew this was the last time I would see these people and the results would be negative. I had one of the nurses sneak a peak, the test was positive, and I kept telling her she was wrong and it was not my test. She assured me it was. I am currently 16 weeks pregnant, and all of my blood levels are so much better this time and my 16 week ultrasound looks good. My due date is December 18, 2006.  Again I contribute much of this to acupuncture.

I can not than Dr. Lin, Michael, and Bruce enough for everything they have done.

-J. P.


IVF has been a part of my life for the past three years. I have been through three IVF cycles...

IVF has been a part of my life for the past three years. I have been through three IVF cycles and am currently pregnant with twins from my third cycle.

I started IVF in 2003 as the only option to bare my own children. At that time I was not aware of acupuncture as a partner to the IVF treatment. My husband and I were very lucky as our first attempt was successful and, after implanting three embryos, I gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

When our son was one we tried again. Our second attempt was not successful. At that point I became aware of the claims being made about the benefits of coupling IVF with acupuncture. I chose not to incorporate acupuncture based on the fact that I'd had a successful run previously with out it.

As we began our last IVF cycle I changed my mind and asked the nurses for a recommendation on someone to see for acupuncture. I figured that it couldn't hurt to at least try it. They recommended Dr. Lin. I hadn't realized but I was getting started on acupuncture treatment later than recommended. Dr. Lin was understanding and was able to get me in several times within the three weeks before my retrieval and transfer.

IVF can be very stressful. Acupuncture alleviated a lot of the stress that I had felt during my previous IVF cycles. I also believe that my acupuncture treatments contributed to the large amount of healthy eggs we were able to retrieve. This last cycle, in conjunction with the acupuncture treatments, was so successful that we were able to implant just two eggs on day 5 and save six blastocysts for freezing. Both of the eggs that were implanted took and I am now pregnant with twins.

My morning sickness came on strong at six weeks but I've been back for more acupuncture therapy and the nausea and headaches have become much more manageable. I intend to continue with acupuncture throughout this pregnancy and have faith that it will help to bring my babies to full term.

Thank you very much Dr. Lin and Bruce,

J. N.


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