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Success Stories - Clomid

February 17, 2006 - I was instantly amazed by the difference in approach and your attention to detail.

Dear Dr. Lin and Bruce:

When my husband and I met, we talked often or our interest in becoming parents. Because we were starting at an older age, and because I had previously had an ectopic pregnancy, we started trying immediately following our wedding.

The first couple of months were wonderful, with hopeful anticipation that I would test positive each time. After three months and no pregnancy, we decided that we needed to be a little more proactive in case our difficulties were more than just “bad timing”. I met with a reproductive endocrinologist who utilized some initial tests to determine that there was nothing physically wrong with either of us. I also took the advise of a coworker who had had her own difficulties getting pregnant (but who had conceived after just a month of treatment with your practice) and made an appointment.

I was instantly amazed by the difference in approach and your attention to detail. Once I got over the initial shock of eliminating dairy, alcohol, refined sugar and bread from my diet, I embraced the changes you recommended. I was on Clomid at the time and very hopeful that the combination of Western and Eastern medicine would do the trick. Unfortunately, the only result was that I was looking and feeling better (thanks to a new diet and acupuncture) but my hormones were raging (thanks to Clomid). So, my husband and I once again decided to make a change. The holidays were quickly approaching, and I was an emotional wreck, so I went off the hormones and we decided to try it the “old fashioned way” for a couple of months. Some relaxation was in order. As you know, this was the best possible thing we could have done, because without the Clomid, we could finally see where my temperature was and make the necessary adjustments. I am pleased to say that after two months of trying, we conceived, and are now starting our second trimester!

I cannot thank you enough for the care you provided. I know that we would not be sharing this happy news had I not sought your expertise. It was a pleasure to work with you both, and I look forward to bringing a little bundle of joy to meet you both in September.


-K. D.


March 8, 2005 - It was almost one year ago that I found an article on acupuncture and infertility that led me to Dr. Lin, Bruce and East-West.  Today, I have a healthy 2-month-old boy, a healthier life-style and acupuncture to thank.

To Whom It May Concern:

It was almost one year ago that I found an article on acupuncture and infertility that led me to Dr. Lin, Bruce and East-West.  Today, I have a healthy 2-month-old boy, a healthier life-style and acupuncture to thank.

My husband and I are both in our early 30’s and have been together since college.  After many years of schooling, career building and moving around we finally decided to start a family.  Like many people you assume getting pregnant will be the easy part, after all so many of our friends had conceived without a thought.  We tried for about a year and a half with no luck, and frustrated, we proceeded with fertility testing.

After several months of expensive and invasive tests for both my husband and myself….the results…. inconclusive…. unexplained infertility.  My OB at the time suggested we try Clomid.  We tried 2 rounds of Clomid and it made me terribly sick and, of course, with no luck.  Frustrated and discouraged, we decided that we would start looking into adoption by the end of the year if we continued to have no luck.  It was also at this time that I decided to quit the job I hated, eat healthier, exercise more, read up on alternative fertility treatments, and try acupuncture.
After one month of treatment twice a week and some herbs several times a day, I was pregnant.  I had some troubles with spotting and morning sickness early on in my pregnancy and Dr Lin and Bruce were lifesavers.  I continued treatment throughout my pregnancy to help with stress and still continue treatment to help balance my postpartum roller coaster and keep me centered.

Acupuncture and the folks at East-West have truly changed our lives and for that I am thankful.

Thanks Dr. Lin, Bruce and East-West!


Otto’s Mom


All in all, this was a wonderful experience for me.  Even though I was fortunate enough to get pregnant right away, I was prepared to keep it going for another few months to see what progress my body was continuing to make.

Dr. Lin

I just wanted to say thank you for all that you’ve done in helping me to get pregnant. After trying for almost two years before coming to see you, it was much to my surprise and excitement that your treatments worked for me after the first month! I am pregnant! Because it helped me to understand other patients’ struggles with their infertility and the progress made with your methods and treatments, I thought I would share my experience.

As I mentioned above, I had been trying to get pregnant for two years before a friend recommended me to Dr. Lin. I had gotten pregnant once during that time, but had a miscarriage. I had been on Clomid for two months with the first pregnancy. And with high hopes that it would work for me again, I took it for another six months with no success. Finally, I gave up on the Clomid and decided to take a break all together from “trying” for a few months during the spring. It was during that time that my friend recommended me to Dr. Lin. My feeling was I had nothing to lose with trying an Eastern method; they have been doing this for thousands of years. And I was convinced that if I had gotten pregnant before, I could do it again, and I wanted to try one more time naturally before looking into IVF.

When my husband and I first started trying to have kids, I attempted to chart my temperature. I was frustrated within a few days because my temperature reading wasn’t even listed on the chart; it was too low, in the 65.5 range, so I quit charting. Dr. Lin encouraged me to continue taking my temperature regardless, because everyday it was telling her something. I had to create a customized chart so that I had a wider range of numbers. Dr. Lin hadn’t seen that before! The one thing that Dr. Lin said was that was good was that she could see a pattern in my chart, and an obvious point of ovulation where my temperature stayed higher. I still seemed to be on the low side in terms of my temperature, but the pattern was still there, so I felt good. I knew that in few months my body would probably warm up to where it needed to be.

Because I had stopped taking my temperature, I resorted to spending a lot of money on Ovulation Testing kits. I tended to have longer cycles (32-42 days), so that would mean I would go though a couple of kits a month if I needed to. Not only did I have usually long cycles, but also they were very irregular. Occasionally, a normal 28-day cycle would pop in there, but I was usually caught off guard and would miss my ovulation time. The first thing Dr. Lin helped me with was shortening my cycle. During the cycle that I had prior to seeing Dr. Lin, I had noted that I had detected my positive LH surge on day 26. After a few treatments and taking my herbs, during my next cycle I detected my surge at day 19. It felt good to see progress.

The one thing that I really liked about charting my temperature an coming in to see Dr. Lin once a week was that I had a very positive, relaxed feeling that someone was finally watching me and monitoring how my body was working. A level of stress was taken away when I didn’t have to guess how and if my body as reacting properly to the drug I was taking. When I was taking Clomid, it was always, “Well, it didn’t work this month, let’s add another 50mg to the dosage!” Until I reached 150mg of Clomid for 2 months! I just didn’t want to go through it anymore. At Dr. Lin’s office, I’d come in, we’d talk about how I was feeling, what I was eating, read my chart, then she would start the treatment and leave me n the room where I would always quickly fall into a deep sleep. It just felt good.

Speaking of diet and other things that I changed after seeing Dr Lin, I was never much of a coffee/caffeine drinker, but loved decaf lattes. I would drink lots of them for the calcium; however, I switched to using soymilk as opposed to regular nonfat milk since she wanted me to stay away for dairy. I also make sure to limit my sugar intake. I tried to eat more vegetables, leafy greens, etc. I wasn’t perfect, but made a conscious effort to try a little harder than usual during the treatments. I also cut down on my wine intake to just one glass during a weekend dinner. That was hard, because I do love wine.

All in all, this was a wonderful experience for me. Even though I was fortunate enough to get pregnant right away, I was prepared to keep it going for another few months to see what progress my body was continuing to make. I appreciated the positive reinforcement and the philosophy of healing the whole system instead of just one part. In my mind, I always new that I would be able to get pregnant naturally, my body just needed a little coaxing into it! Right now, I’m 7 weeks pregnant. I just went in for my first doctor’s appointment yesterday and saw its little tine heart beating away in the ultrasound! It was if the little one was saying “Mommy, look at me, we made it-I’ll be seeing you soon!!!” It’s early, but I have confidence that this one is going to work out. I’ll keep you posted!
Thanks again, Dr. Lin, for all the advise and positive encouragement. I’m sure I’ll be back when I’m going for Round Two.


-K. D.

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